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Amy Kessler FBB 2008

Amy Kessler FBB 2008...


The montage from my shoot with Amy in November 2009, Atlanta. Amy is in beautiful off-contest shape.

Kris Clark FBB 2009

Kris Clark FBB 2009...


Kris Clark during the Arnold weekend  March 2009. She's in beautiful shape during her off-contest time.

Rosanna Harte FBB 2009

Rosanna Harte FBB 20...


Rosanna, a "trained figure" competitor from England. Expected to enter FBB 2009. Interview during Arnold Classic Weekend in March 2008. FBB Tazzie Colomb

Jill Lundy – Black FBB 2009

Jill Lundy – B...


Jill Lundy - Black FBB 2009 just after the 2009 Arnold Amateur contest in Columbus.

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